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Saturday, February 28, 2009

And we're STILL waiting

I have decided to abandon MYSPACE seeing how I never, ever keep up with it. Kind of like keeping up with this Blog thing I guess. I still need to load my pictures I have taken with my phone onto my PC so I can post some of them here. My old digital camera can't hold a charge anymore so I've resorted to using my phone as my primary way of capturing my fond memories.
Speaking of fond memories, tonight was so awesome. Our church hosted a Father Daughter Banquet. This was our first banquet of this type and I was asked to help serve for the event. Honestly I found this an easy way to spy on my family and make sure my hubby had both eyes on my Emily. I'm not stereotyping middle children but she sure can think fast on her feet and we are usually one step behind her. Especially in public. Morgan is more of an observer and she likes to sit back and watch the show. This was definitely the case tonight.
This is pretty much how Emily's evening went:
3 p.m.- Choose outfits
3:30- eat snack and brush teeth
4:00- plug in clothes iron, curling iron and flat iron
4:05- brush out hair, put on clothes, look up hairstyles on Internet
4:20- Have breakdown over realization that mother gave away favorite party dress because she says it was too small. Then tell mother you can't wear anything that has the color black in it. Even though the only dresses you own that do NOT have the color black somewhere on the dress are more appropriate for 100 degree temperatures.
4:45- Conveniently forget how to put on tights to delay putting on the dress mother has suggested.
4:47- Quickly remember how to put on tights to keep from being grounded from wearing favorite sparkly shoes to school.
5:00- Concede to the fact you DO look pretty amazing in sister's red dress from last Christmas and enjoy the great twirl action.
5:07-Insist you truly could not hear mother's voice beckoning because the act of twirling in the red dress made really noisy "wind" and it was so loud you could only hear yourself singing as you twirled.
5:08- Have hair curled up in a flip.
5:09- While having hair done,suggest wearing mascara would make your outfit complete.
5:13- Decide having mascara on your eyelashes was smelly, uncomfortable and very, very distracting but not wanting to hurt mother's feelings, you tell her you just can't describe it but you just don't want mascara on anymore.
5:15- Start crying because mother points out you wanted the stinky mascara on in the first place and she points out that not all choices we make turn out the way we want them to and she doesn't have time to wash it off because she has to drop off Drew and be at the church in 15 minutes.
5:17- Console yourself and wipe off mascara with wet washcloth.
6:10- Arrive at church in red dress and favorite short sleeved, cropped, hot-pink sweater in 24 degree weather.
6:11-Hear mother ask daddy why you are only wearing a short sweater and daddy respond by saying, "I brought them in what you put on them."
6:15-Pretend you are on the red carpet while you wait to have your photo taken with daddy. Run from imaginary paparazzi while leaping up and down the church foyer steps.
6:37-Served lasagna, try to pick out ALL of the green "specks", not trusting anyone around you that tells you the offending specks are just Italian seasoning.
7:00-Laugh and shout, "Hey Bread Girl! I want some more bread!" When you see mother serving other tables french bread.
7:15-Laugh hysterically when you're caught trying to put the clear, decorative beads in Morgan's ice water.
7:30-Along with all of the other daughters you are ushered upstairs to learn basic dance steps while the daddies stay in the make-shift ballroom to hear a guest speaker on the importance of the relationship between fathers and their daughters.
8:00-Come back down stairs and take turns with Morgan waltzing with daddy.
8:06-While taking a water break you notice mother weeping sentimental tears over the scene before her. Remind yourself to make further inquires at a more convenient time.
8:07-Go back to the dance floor and for the next hour and a half dance wildly, mimicking everyone you see only stopping for water and/or the occasional m&m.
8:19-Learn a fabulous new dance. It's called the "YMCA". Mysteriously, others have already heard of this dance.
9:00-Conveniently forget how to buckle your shoes when the party is over because you're just too tired from dancing to lift a finger.
9:15-Arrive home and collapse onto the bed having had a marvelous evening.

This diary of Emily's evening is strictly from first hand observation. I cannot know exactly what was going through her head at every moment. But from experience, if I ask her, she'll tell me. Straight up.

My favorite scene from the dance floor was of Emily and Rob in a mock-Tango. Too, too funny.

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