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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well folks, I'm not usually one to eat my weight in turkey but our Mi Mi brought a Cajun fried turkey from Pearl's (a resturaunt here) and it was absolutely fabulous. It was a tad on the spicey side but I rinsed mine (sacralige I know) and it was perfect. There weren't a lot of leftovers which suited me just fine. The only thing we had in excess was MEAT. We had ham, smoked turkey and the aforementioned cajun fried turkey. I've made turkey salad and we are having beans and ham this evening. As expensive entertaining is these days I am absolutely streching our holiday fair into two weeks worth of dinner menues. Ha!!
I was actually really sick with bronchitis on Thanksgiving and I want to give a million kudos to my wonderful husband. He stepped up to the plate this year. He went through the bowels of Wal-Mart Hell the day before T-day and bought everything on the list. He even took it upon himself to create a relish tray. This was HIS idea. I kept saying, "I love you" in between coughing up my right lung and his wonderful relish tray idea. He's awesome. He vacumed. He put away laundry. He took care of the kids. He did dishes. He entertained guests. He made the girl's plates. He put away leftovers. Isn't he romantic?? :)

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Dean aka SGT DUB said...

I would say he was whipped, but I know two things about him that makes me scared. So, I'll just say he did a good job.