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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Where, Oh Where Has My Little Time Gone?"

Oh where oh where could it be? With my nights cut short and my days cut long.... ha! Thought that was funny. But, then again, I crack myself up when others just sit and stare... Anyway, I digress.
My official first day of school went rather well, considering I made the girls "tuck and roll" instead of walk them into their class. Emily was rather miffed about this. Morgan was nervous. But, I had to be at work early that day and I had already taken Drew to daycare and SaSa to High school. I didn't take their picture on the first day of school. Well, I did, but it was AFTER school. They were still cute. They're my kids after all. I'll probably make a first-day-of-school fuss again when Drew goes to kindergarten. I did make a special breakfast bread for them. Neither of them ate it. They wanted Frosted Flakes. I didn't have any. They wanted Pancakes. Too bad, I didn't have the time. They got toast and Corn Chex...with like five spoons of sugar in the bowl. See? I'm a good mom. A bad mom wouldn't let them have ANY sugar.

Mo Monkey is playing the violin this year. She's so funny. I think Karma came to visit me...she is so LOUD when she practices. I don't remember being that loud. Plus, I've played the violin so I am trying to teach and not criticize. This is very difficult for me.
Emily has already introduced herself to the school staff, including the new nurse. Emily loves the staff at her school and enjoyes the fringe benefits of her visits to the office.
For instance, when she walked to the office to tell the secretary she had missed the bus on the first day of school she was allowed to get a sucker from the candy jar while the office staff fell all over themselves trying to flag the bus down to wait for her. Last year, the nurse kept Pop Tarts in her office for those with an "upset stomach". Emily was often plagued with an upset stomach last year.
Morgan (as usual) was very excited and loved, loved, loved her new teacher and wants to do everything very well.
Emily loves... well, we don't know what Emily loves.
The girls also had their first Girl Scout meeting. We love Girl Scouts. I can almost smell the Thin Mints....
Drew started his new school. He loves his teacher's whistle-necklas. She uses it often. I think he sees it as an object of power. He's asking for one all the time now.
SaSa is a little overwhelmed by the new American High School. In Germany they don't have extra cirricular activities like sports or cheerleading. Not even Student Council. They don't have a graduation ceremony or prom. Yuck!!!!
Well, that's enough for now!