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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marching On

I can't believe it's Spring. I've heard others wonder about the very same thing and I have always thought how silly it was of them to say this. I mean, Spring happens every year at the same time. How could it "sneak up" on us? I think I ignore so much of God's amazing world all too often.
I have mixed feelings about the arrival of Spring. In some ways I feel refreshed and energized by the warming weather and the budding trees, etc. In other ways I feel a small panic well up inside of myself. Like I've wasted the entire Winter sitting in front of the TV or computer. More than likely I had my nose in a book. Anyway, I feel like I've got to "catch up" on the things that I planned out during the Winter. I should have already tilled the garden bed, started seedlings indoors, caulked the windows, weatherstripped the doors, etc. I just started the seedlings today. I'm a month late. It's been so windy I haven't pruned anything either. Oh well. Don't stress out. If Jesus doesn't come tonight, there's always tomorrow. LOL. (My Nanny used to say that about dirty dishes left in the sink. I use that philosophy all the time now.)

So, one more thing to think about: Lent. I've never observed Lent before. I've tried to fast from things, without much success. This year our church is really on the band wagon so I decided to hop on. I'm giving up sugar. Anyone who knows me knows what a total sacrifice this is for me. So, pray for me...and someone probably needs to check in on the children...