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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love the smell of sunscreen in the mornin'!

We started the Memorial Holiday with a Wedding! Yes, my dear friend Mike from the OC finally, FINALLY tied the knot to the beautiful Miss Wendy. It was really nice. Other than the part where the minister called Wendy "Lisa"...I totally wanted to laugh, but I restrained myself. Really, I did. He kept messing up so half-way through the ceremony he threw his book of notes on the floor and said, "I'm really glad this isn't being recorded."
Immediately after the wedding Saturday, I drove across town to watch my little girls "Bridge" from Daisy's to Brownies and from Brownies to Juniors. They've made several good friends and had a lot of fun with Girl Scouts this year. We'll be doing it again next year and going to a weekend retreat this summer.
Sunday we went to the ZOO with the Willmon's and cooked out. It was yummy! You can't go wrong with Salmon on the grill! Salmon is Emily's favorite!
Monday we woke up LATE and worked on the back yard ALL DAY. Mom and Dad brought watermelon over and it was delicious!
Tuesday...Ahhh the first official day of summer vacation. I have tons of things planned for the girls and they probably won't do half of them. They are pretty creative and like to come up with their own forms of entertainment. The first of which is a Lemonade Stand. I'll have to take a picture of it. They are quite the sales people. They wanted to sell one dixie cup of lemonade for $1. I talked them into lowering their price to a quarter. They made $2.80 on Monday. I know, it doesn't seem like I can count. I can. Sometimes. An old guy taking a walk gave them some change saying it was a tip. He didn't even take a cup of lemonade. Not that he could have passed our house without small children running out into the street, knocking him over with a big foam-board sign shouting, "ICE COLD LEMONADE ONLY A QUARTER! THAT MEANS IF YOU GIVE US A DOLLAR WE WILL GIVE YOU FOUR CUPS OF LEMONADE!" I mean, who could pass that up?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's about time!

On April 15, 2009 at 2:21 p.m. we welcomed Robert Andrew into our family. This photo is of the whole family at a "shower" given by my work. It was awesome! Notice the MONEY Tree to our left. That was the best gift EVER! We really appreciate everyone who contributed to the Day Care fund! The tree was actually a hybiscus shrub that we lovingly named "Carol" (after my boss).

We have been settling down a bit at home. Drew was already pretty much aclimated to our routine already so not much change there. I think Lula Bug (the now-middle child) made the biggest adjustment. We've assured her she will always be our baby girl. This pleased her momentarily......

"My son" doesn't quite roll off the tongue yet but it sure sounds great!