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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back from my Blog Vacation

I know, it's been over a year. I've been busy. My year in a nutshell....ready...set...GO!
Ice Storm Christmas '09
Lost my job. Happy New Year 2010!
1/10 Hubby joined National Guard
3/10 Hubby goes to NG training...out of state
4/10 Same.
5/10 Same.
6/10 Slowly falling financially behind due to NG pay "errors" and loss of my income.
7/10 Same.
8/10 Choose to Home school children for 1st time EVER because of hubby's crazy schedule.
8/10 Meet hubby's 19 year old daughter for 1st time. GREAT experience. Love her.
9/10 Join Home school co-op and teach art. LOVE it.
10/10 Begin to realize we can't afford our mortgage with me not working and pay "errors"
11/10 Try to sell house, move from 2300 sqft. to 900 sqft. 1 bth, 2 bd. 5 people. HATE IT.
11/10 Enroll oldest 2 in new school. 1 HATES IT. Prefers to be home schooled.
12/10 Miserable. Financially panicking. Emotionally panicking. (sigh)
2011 Happy New Year. It can only get better...right?
1/11 Waiting on 2nd attempt at loan modification to be approved this time...Please, God...Help.
Only You can keep us sane in this tiny house. Please help us get back into our home!
1/11 Found out good friend from college has cancer. She's only a few years older than me and she has young kids. This isn't fair. At. All.
So, now you know. Roller Coaster year. Fun times.
I know God provides. I know He alone is my strength. My Peace lies in my relationship with Him. Not my house. Not where my kids go to school. Not even my husband's presence. That last one is hard for me to write.
Five more days of January. February is going to be SOOO much better than January, right??? Ha!

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