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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sum-Sum-Summer Time!

I've heard several child "experts" say that the best thing your kid can say to you in the summer is, "I'm bored". I've read about and prepared for this summer's KID activities with the focus and attention I would usually give to preparing a bowl of ice cream. Which, if you know me, can be pretty intense.
I' pretty excited by the fact two weeks of summer vacation have gone by and my KID activity resources haven't been exhausted yet! This happened last summer and I still don't quite know where I went wrong... This summer we are making our local VBS rounds, keeping them constructively busy from 9-12 this week. Next week they are taking Summer Spectacular classes. Summer Spectacular is fabulous. The kids get to make their own choices on which classes they would like to attend.
Mo Monkey chose Irish River Dancing, Celtic Arts and Crafts and CSI for Kids. I love her. Lula Bug is taking Irish River Dancing (with sis) Ballet and Cheer leading. I hope they take naps everyday when they come home from class....good, long, non-mess-making naps.
I have supplied them with glitter glue, Popsicle sticks, yarn, pipe cleaners, scrap paper, bead making kits, pot-holder making kits, needle point kits, water colors, sidewalk chalk, sprinklers, stamping projects, community service projects for our grandmother-figure neighbor, blah, blah, blah....
I gathered all of these objects in front of them one evening and had them make a list of everything they thought they could do with these things. A brain storming session!
Now, whenever they say, "I'm bored". I reply "That's GREAT! Go get your list!" Saying this makes me feel clever. Of course, it can backfire on me. I'm still thinking of potential flaws in my system.

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