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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dear God, Thank you for all of the new baby baby horses and baby frogs

These were the first words of Emily's prayer tonight. She had already re sited The Lord's Prayer and went directly into her prayer without taking a breath. Impressive. I think she prayed for every species of animal known to man and a few species I've not yet been made familiar. I was about to verbally prompt her to say, "Amen" but I'm glad I didn't. I remember praying for every family member I could recall and only when I started praying for teachers past and present did my mom gently sigh, queuing me to end it. I think the important thing though, is that I remember her being there. Each and every night. I'm very thankful for that memory.
I have to remind myself of that when I'm very tired or if I'm in the middle of folding socks and I hear, "MOM! Come pray!" coming from the girl's room, I might really be hearing the voice of God leading me so that I continue to set the example I so desire to set.
You wanna know what I'm really excited to tell you tonight? Our adoption date has actually been set. It will be final in two weeks. I'm kind of stunned actually. I was giddy and tearful when the news arrived but then I turned into "Git-R-done" mom wanting all of the cosmetic things done to the house all in one week. Let me tell you, it AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. But, in true Sisk Style, it will get done, though probably in phases, and of course not one complete room at a time. Hee Hee. I wish all of my awesome ideas came with an awesome amount of cash, but alas, I am the "starving artist" and I only paint for fun and family...when they're lucky.

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